• Transition of Law and Justice in Tanzania. Review of the Contemporary Changes in Tanzanian law and justice system

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(Prof.Vijay Ghormade,PhD: Studied at Pune & Delhi University. Working as professor of law at Mzumbe University East Africa.Previously worked as Professor at Chanakya National Law University, Mumbai University, Asmara & Nagpur University. Areas of interest: Jurisprudence & human right. Wrote five books including Text book on Jurisprudence and Legal Theory.)


Tanzania is a developing country and committed for the welfare of the people.Politically, Tanzania is a stable country and therefore,large number of investors- state and no state actors are attracted.The reason for attraction is her untapped raw material and large number of consumers.Tanzania is trying its best efforts to come out from its colonial past and establishing its own identity.There is a persistent demand for transparent and reliable laws and judicial determination.At present,country is in transition, particularly the constitution, law,judicial system & administration- all are evolving and facing new challenges.The changes are influencing in such a manner that the old system is likely to be replaced in near future.The wave of globalization,legislative positivism,assertion of power by judiciary,human rights,rule of law and multiparty system has already affected the legal system.This book therefore provides analysis of these changes in some of the field of law and justice and throwing light on the changing perspective of Tanzanian law in the present scenario.The book is helpful to readers & particularly the students of law,politics, business,policy makers & general readers.

MATERIAS: Tanzanian law, dislike of foreigners, HIV/AIDS law, deliberate discharge of oil, Multinationals, money laundering, ICT in Library system, Mtikila case, Basic structure theory, criminal liability