• Tragedy of Social Compliance. Particularly in a Developing Nation

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Md. Golam Kibria is a researcher, writer, reviewer, and translator by profession. He was born in Naogaon, Bangladesh on May 8, 1981, to late Moslem Uddin Mandal and Ms. Majida Begum. He did his BA & MA in English, RU, Bangladesh. To turn his natural bent for research into a skill, he also did his Second Bachelor in Economics from UIU, Bangladesh.)


Nowadays, social compliance is an important issue in the world business in context of both global business competition and international human rights standards. Over the last few years, social compliance in the export-oriented ready-made garments (RMG) industry of Bangladesh has drawn much attention at national and international levels. In response to the challenges resulting from compliance issues, the government of Bangladesh has passed unified laws, namely The Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006. However, there still prevails a gap between the compliance theory and compliance practice in Bangladeshi RMG industry. The book Tragedy of Social Compliance, Particularly in a Developing Nation is an analytical study that deals with existing compliance scenario in the RMG factories by category. This book also suggests some policies to properly implement social compliance practice in the industry. Above all, this book might provide the concerned stakeholders with an insight into understanding the overall compliance practices in the garments industry of a developing country.

MATERIAS: Social compliance, Developing Nation