• Trademark Dilution. Anti-dilution measures in major jurisdictions

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(4th Year, BA.LLB (Hons.): studying Intellectual Property Rights and Corporate law at Hidayatullah National law University,Raipur, India.)


If a glass of lemonade is too bitter you can dilute it by adding water. This makes the lemonade less potent. In the land of trademarks, a similar concept applies whereby someone’s valuable property, i.e., the mark, is diminished in strength. “Trademark dilution” is a trademark law concept giving the owner of a famous trademark or well-known mark, standing to forbid others from using that mark in a way that would lessen its uniqueness. Thus Well-known or famous marks are being afforded increased protection day by day under trademark and unfair competition law in a significant number of countries.This analysis on the controversial doctrine of trade mark dilution is presented with a new and comprehensive outlook in this book and should be useful for a wide variety of audience, especially including the professionals/Attorneys in trademark law, teachers of Intellectual property law, students and anyone else who may be interested in understanding the protection of well-known marks.

MATERIAS: Erosion, IPR, dilution, trade marks, well-know marks, Tarnishment, FTDA, Trademarks act 1999