• The Torrens REGISTER BOOK. The Law and Practice of Registration of Title

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(He is an Advocate, a Principal Land Officer in-charge of Land Dispute Resolution, and a part-time lecturer at the Institute of Surveys and Land Management, Entebbe.He has a very long experience in the Torrens Law and practice of conveyancing using reliable, simple, cheap and speedy methods for the realization of free alienation of land.)


The Torrens Register Book provides for a reliable, simple, cheap and speedy method for the registration and transfer of land, leases and mortgages, which facilitates accessibility to land and the mobility of factors of production towards the improvement of land. Accessibility to land provides the best opportunities for the people who value land most and are able and willing to pay for it, to freely engage in a competitive price struggle to acquire it and to put it to its most efficient productive use for the satisfaction of the needs of society through the process of free alienation. Free alienation leads to attainment of the economic freedoms of movement, choice of work and association of the individual with others through contract, which creates the possibilities for increased productivity for the exchange market. The attainment of the economic freedoms of the individual provides the opportunities for individuals to freely move in search for greater and better opportunities for the discovery and exploitation of their hidden individual potentialities, required for the mobilization and exploitation of natural resources potentialities, the prerequisite for economic development.

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