• The Social Construction Of Bullies And Victims. An Explorative Study Of Italian and English Newspapers

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(Fiamma Terenghi was awarded the International PhD in Criminology at the Catholic University of Milan. She has collaborated with local and regional institutions in the field of urban security and juvenile deviance. She actually works at Transcrime – Joint Research Centre on Transnational Crime, Catholic University of Milan and University of Trento.)


The research analyses the social construction of bullies and victims in a sample of Italian (La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera) and English newspapers (The Guardian and The Times) applying a classical content analysis methodology. The main scientific literature on social constructionism, mass media and social construction of crime and youth crime is reviewed as well as the theoretical and research contributions on bullying. The images of bullies and victims delivered by Italian and English newspapers are further assessed and compared to the extant literature on the topic. Differences emerge both between newspapers and in regard to theoretical and research contributions, underlying specific stereotyped ways of newspapers to depict bullies and victims. Findings are consistent with those of previous research investigating the way mass media have depicted youth crime and in particular school violence.

MATERIAS: social constructionism, mass media and crime, mass media and youth crime, social construction of bullies and victims