• The rule of law and the British Constitution

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(Csilla Csonka is a young attorney-at law in Hungary, who has finished legal studies in Hungary in 2009. She has studied in Germany, Norway and Austria. She speaks Hungarian, English, German and French fluently. She has researched the rule of law of England and various topics in German commercial and corporate law.)


The title of my thesis is the rule of law and the British Constitution. For the sake of the transparency I divided my essay into two main parts. First I deal with the problem of the unwritten constitution in Britain which serves as an everyday debate among legal experts. To underline the two parts (those who support to have a written and those who propose to have an unwritten constitution) I demonstrate some opinions and the main reasons for and against it. Of course I further explain the historical background of the development of the constitution, to the better understanding of its today form. After this, I display the features and the characteristics of this document. In the second part of my essay I come to the principle of the rule of law. After a historical overview I briefly mention its connections to other principles. A. V. Dicey is the most important deputy of the rule of law notion and each British author mention him. Therefore I express his conception and I point to the failures of his theory.

MATERIAS: rule of law, constitution