• The role of Community Radio in promoting ethnic diversity in Ethiopia. A comparative study of the global experiance and the Ethiopian Scenario

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Sisay Melese is a Director of the Directorate for Culture of Peace in the Ministry of Federal Affairs. He received his M.A. degree from the Ethiopian Civil Service University on the field of Federal and Local Government Studies, in 2011. He was teacher, Member of Parliament, journalist and public relations head in various government organizations.)


Since the 1950s, expanding community radio has been given increasing attention. The decentralization and democratization process also contributed for the flourishing of this alternative media to the local communities. Since Public and commercial broadcasting services may not cover all values of the diverse communities, countries including Ethiopia are turning their faces to this endeavor of expanding community radio to the local communities. Community broadcasting services, in general, have their own distinct characteristics as compared to public and commercial broadcasting services. Hence, various aspects of supports from governments and stakeholders in promoting the service are a must. This book focuses on the legal and practical realities of treating ethno-linguistic diverse groups in community radios in Ethiopia in particular reference to some federal countries.The enhancement of community radio requires continuous research works. Hence this book might inspire further studies on the topic. It can also be reference books for the students of journalism.

MATERIAS: federalism, Broadcasting, Ethnicity, promoting languages, Media Laws, Community-mobilization, Community Radio, decentralization, diversity, local government