• The Risk of Confusion in Trademark Infringement Actions. Trademark Infringement Actions based on the Risk of Confusion

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(Ms Ningo holds a Masters in Business Law, Litigation and Arbitration from the Catholic University of Central Africa, Cameroon. She is presently working at Elections Cameroon, while researching on and contemplating studies towards a PhD in Intellectual Property Law.)


Intellectual property rights are of critical importance in every economy. Trademarks are perhaps the most widely used of such rights and tend to be those on which the majority of intellectual property disputes are based. These trademark infringement disputes come about as a result of the presence of a risk of confusion in the minds of manufacturers and consumers. They have been identified as the primary stakeholders most affected by such an occurrence. The prevalence of disputes around trademark infringement has therefore led to the need to perform a study of the topic: the risk of confusion within trademark infringement actions in the OAPI zone. This book sets out the various means by which the risk of confusion presents itself. As well as, a study of the different means of recourse available in the event of trademark rights infringement through confusing acts. This study was carried out within the OAPI intellectual property zone and specifically on the situation in Cameroon, Central Africa.

MATERIAS: Intellectual Property Law, Cameroon, Trademark Infringements, African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI)