• The Question of Proof in Electronic Interchange Trade. The Question of Proof in Electronic Trade

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(Samah A. Tchalim holds a Master 2 in Management and Business law from the University group-BK( IIM Ouagadougou). He also holds a Master degree in Business Law from the University of Ouagadougou.)


"The question of proof in trade by electronic means" is a hot topic and a very high legal significance. Indeed, it is now clear for the majority of actors and policy makers as entry into the information society is inevitable. Is it not in vision that Jean-Yves CAPUL proclaimed that « nul ne peut désormais ignorer le phénomène de l’internet » meaning "no one can now ignore the phenomenon of the Internet." At the time of its dramatic growth, it is interesting to measure the phenomenon and the changes it generates particularly in terms of law of evidence. The Internet is no longer a mere tool of information and communication. For a company, directors or other organism, the online has become essential for its future. Increasingly today, time and convenience requirements lead companies as well as consumers of legal purchase through an electronic transaction, without reliance on any paper document. In case of dispute, the fact of not being able to prove its right amounts, in practice, be denied the right to contest as soon as the obstacle of evidence prevents its exercise. This paper addresses this problem by providing concrete responses to a series of questions -

MATERIAS: Law, Proof, interchange