• The Prospects of Eco Tax in Bangladesh. A sociological Study

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Md Mehebub Zaman has obtained his B.S.S degree in Sociology from Dhaka University, Bangladesh.Now he is doing M.S.S in Sociology.He is Research Director of Green Belt trust,an environmentalist Youth volunteer organization and editor of environmentalist magazine "Sabuj Patro".He likes to introduce himself as Environment Activist.)


This study describes the prospects of revenue earning at different sectors in Bangladesh specially those sectors are responsible for environment pollution. The tax-GDP ratio in Bangladesh is less than 10% and is the lowest among the South Asian countries. However, in order to mobilize internal resources, a strong and efficient tax system is necessary. To strengthen this taxation system, one of the most effective tax all over the world, environmental revenue should be added to our existing taxation system. That would be effective in both sector, our national economy and our environment.

MATERIAS: Bangladesh, natural resources, Garment industry, tannery industry, Eco tax, Brick industry, ship breaking industry, private car, Green tax theory