• The Politics of the Anti-Terror Legislation. The Stance of The Predominant West against Terrorism

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(LLB in Law at the University of Kent, UK.)


This book is about the stance the predominant West has taken against terrorism and the legislation passed in order to combat this threat. It also exposes the flawed politics behind the passing of such legislation with a strong focus on America and the United Kingdom. This book is divided in three sections; ''The Historical Era'', ''The Contemporary Era'' and ''The Future Era'' all of which attempt to deduce whether or not the U.S. can be classed as a terrorist state, using its very own definitions as to what a terrorist is and what would be classed as terrorism. The main research into this area of discussion has come from two leading commentators from the opposite sides of the spectrum. Philip Bobbitt argues on behalf of America and her actions as found in his book; ‘Terror and Consent: The Wars for the Twenty-first Century'' whereas Noam Chomsky argues against America and her actions as found in his book; ‘9-11''. Never have these two leading authors, and political figures ever been opposed against one another in this manner, creating an interesting chemistry between the two.

MATERIAS: New World Order, Guantanamo, Chomskygrammatiken, Bobbitt, War, Terrorismus, CIA, FBI, Bush