• The place of tenure security in ecological stewardship. A critique of police power in conservation

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Received a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Moi University and Post-Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Kenya School of Law. He is currently engaged as a Legal Researcher at Sheth and Wathigo Advocates, Kenya.)


This book analyses the prevailing policy for environmental conservation which involve governments resorting to compulsory acquisition of land in order to vindicate their ecological stewardship duty. This has often resulted in forced evictions and economic dislocation of land holders thus posing a threat to human development given that tenure security is a prerequisite to investment in land which influences food security and ultimately human development. It is the book’s position that police power in land use regulation coupled with user participation delivers more holistic benefits in contradistinction to the regime of compulsory acquisition often preferred by the State. This book is a must read for those interested in the interface between land and environmental laws and policy.

MATERIAS: Ecology, Tenure, Environment, Landschaftsrekonstruktion