• The Place Of Commercial Agency Contract In International Trade. The Need For Its Regulation In Rwanda

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(Licencié en droit et Etudiant à LLM Droit des affaires, Université Nationale du Rwanda. Agent de l'Office de l'Ombudsman, KIGALI RWANDA.)


The contract of commercial agency has become by its development, an international contract. It is presented as a mean of exporting while retaining control over trade policy and control over clients contrary to the distribution contract that breaks the link between manufacturer and customer. In fact, the choice of the topic “The place of commercial agency contract in international trade and the need for its regulation in Rwanda” was motivated by the fact that this contract is actually considered as an instrument of trade at a national and international level. Therefore, there is a problem of confrontation of different approaches to this contract since the nature of the activity of the agent varies from country to the other. For that, it has been asked the question about the applicability of this contract in Rwanda as a country that has made effort in trade reform in order to facilitate the actors in business that play an important role in development of the country.

MATERIA: Business Law