• The Law of Public Procurement in Ghana. Law, Policy and Practice

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Mr. Dominic N. Dagbanja is a Lecturer in Law at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. He holds: BA, LL.B., University of Ghana; B.L., Ghana School of Law; LL.M. in Transnational Business Practice, University of the Pacific, California, and; LL.M. in Government Procurement Law, The George Washington University, Washington DC.)


Since the enactment of The Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663) of Ghana, scholarly analyses and evaluations of its contents, institutional mechanisms and underlying policy objectives are lacking. An implication of this dearth of scholarly inquiry is that indigenous bases for assessing the procurement system for its effective implementation and reforms are limited. Similarly, in light of the fundamental importance of procurement regulation for public financial administration, it is crucial that compact and handy information on the system be readily available to parties and stakeholders in procurement. This seminal book, the first of its kind in Ghana and one of such few works in Africa, outlines and discusses the institutional and legal features of the public procurement system in Ghana. By critically interpreting, evaluating and explaining the law, the book provides comprehensively relevant information for all engaged in procurement in Ghana. Thus, government agencies, procurement officers, anti-corruption institutions, policy-makers, scholars, students, judges and lawyers in Ghana, Africa and beyond will find this book most invaluable for practice and comparative studies.

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