• The language of Business for Engineer's A-Z First edition. The business languages briefly explained for non business professionals

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(Bashir Garba Ibrahim has obtained his first degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2006 with various postgraduate and professional courses in the field of Engineering Management.He has worked in different international projects in the field of Energy management and entrepreneurship and a member of different working groups of Engineering.)


The language of business for engineer's A-Z is an introduction of the business languages to assist engineer's and other non business professionals in the area of entrepreneurship and a very good business orientation with a close understanding of the languages in solving various interpersonal skills, while relating their knowledge to the business world.Technical part of engineering and science most be channeled into to the business languages to yield a profitable knowledge through creativity ,innovation that can be translated into financial resource development by the understanding of business terms. Today,all professionals most acquire the knowledge of business for the progress of their research and technology.

MATERIAS: Bussiness terms, Andamanese Languages