• The Difficulty Between the Energy Companies and the Indigenous Peoples. Corporate social responsibility a potential panacea

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(Is a qualified Nigerian Barrister and Solicitor,a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers,the London Energy Institute and the Scottish Oil Club.He has a law degree and a master of law(LLM)with specialisation in petroleum law and policy from the Centre of Energy,Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy,University of Dundee,United Kingdom.)


The exploration and development of natural resources of sovereign states is often carried out by multinational oil companies or in most cases in conjunction with the host state. At the start of the exploration period, it may be impracticable to relocate the indigenous peoples living in communities where explorations are carried out. However, these people live to witness different negative impacts as a result of the activities and operations of the companies. This has heralded a difficult relationship between several indigenous peoples and multinational oil corporations in different countries. This book, therefore, uses a case study of two selected indigenous peoples in both Nigeria and Peru to provide new ways of applying corporate social responsibility to bring an exciting relationship

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