• The Development of a Human Rights Culture in Vietnam, 1986 to present. Human rights Culture

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(Hai, T., LLM, PhD: Law School, Leeds University. Law and Human rights)


This thesis is designed to address the topic: ‘The development of a human rights culture in Vietnam, 1986 to present''. After 1986 reform policy (doi moi policy), the liberal culture of human rights has gradually gained ground as the result of both domestic and international factors. Two rights (the rights to property and the right to a fair trial) were selected for examination. From the findings of indepth investigation of advancement of these two rights, there is little doubt that the emergence of liberal culture of these rights has been established and become more dominant but s more reasonable conclusion for this thesis is that there is a hybrid human rights culture in Vietnam in the transitional phase which mixes successes and failures, and the liberal and socialist values.

MATERIAS: Law, Human rights, Vietnam, doi moi, right to a fair trial, right to property