• The Bill of Lading and its function as a document of title. Italian outlook on the transport of goods by sea applicable rules

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(Rocco Toffaletti is an Italian lawyer admitted to Court in Italy and Spain.Educated internationally, he holds a Master Degree (LL.M.) in Iternational Maritime Law from the International Maritime Law Institute of Malta (IMO IMLI).From 2007 he based in professional activity in Milan.www.studiotoffaletti.eu)


This work, originally conceived and written in 2005 as a dissertation at the IMO - the International Maritime Law Institute of Malta, provides an innovative and complete analysis of the bill of lading and its functions. The author aims here to analyze the bill of lading with its different functions, as they are embodied in the Italian legislation, starting from a Common Law approach and perspective. The reader of this monograph will find an effective and actual outlook on the Italian maritime legislation, with a focus on the transport of goods by sea.

MATERIAS: Bill of Lading, Maritime law; international transport of goods, uniform law, Italian maritime law