• The Atomic Anatomy Of The Legal Profession. Investigating the independence of lawyers while executing their professional duties: Repercussions and Rip

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(Taona Sibanda is a young graduate from the University of Zimbabwe, Faculty of Law. He has diverse passion for legal issues ranging from intellectual property law, labour law, environmental and mining law and corporate law. In this book he writes about human rights, international law, constitutionalism and democratic development.)


Taona Sibanda is a graduate from the University of Zimbabwe, Faculty of law.He studied law and jurisprudence and has immense passion for human rights law, international law, constitutional law and democratic development. He writes: ~The profession of legal practitioners may be seen as a central nucleus whose atom is the society at large. The nucleus consists of a number of particles clinging tightly to one another .These particles may be seen as the rule of law, good governance, democracy, constitutionalism, administration of justice and ethical behaviour which gather around the nucleus like planets on the sun~ In his book ne explores the independence of lawyers while execution of their professional duties.He unveils the nature of a professsion, legal ethics and jurisprudential underpinnings as a starting point but his focal point is analysing the relationship between independence of legal practitioners and protection of human rights,good-governance, the rule of law, constitutional values of society and soci-economic progression.He concludes by loooking at repercussions and ripple effects of interferences with the independence of legal practitioners.

MATERIAS: Human rights, The Rule of Law and Constitutionalism, "Democratic development"