• Sustainable Development: The Right to Fresh Water. Sustaining life

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(Vala Lind Júlíusdóttir was born in Akureyri, Iceland. She graduated with a Bacherlor's degree in Law from the University of Akureyri the year 2010. She is currently studying public administration at the University of Iceland at the MPA level.)


The rationale of this book is to put forth various legal measures concerning the right to freshwater. Albeit that the right to freshwater does not explicitly exist in international legal instruments, it can be argued by contextual interpretation that it is referred to it. Issues regarding freshwater that is an access to it as its preservation, apply to the principle of sustainable development in international environmental law as to principles regarding international human rights law. Water is essential for all life on earth, consequently issues regarding water do relate to various aspects of the international legal arena.The rationale is to unite the principles of international environmental law with international human rights law creating a right to freshwater, a right that grants all people an access to it and inter alia preserves freshwater for future generations.

MATERIAS: Sustainable Development; Human Rights, The right to fresh water