• Status On The Forest Law And Policy In Bangladesh: A Case Study. The Potentialities And Constraints Of The Existing Forest Laws And Policy In Banglade

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(Dr. Noor Mohammad, an Associate Professor and Head, School of Law, Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh who has been teaching the Environmental Law and Policy, International Environmental Law at home & abroad including Malaysia. He is president, Humanity Research Foundation Jhenidah(HRFJ)Bangladesh and has been working closely with the IUCN)


Forest and forest resources are one of the important factors for the conservation and development of the environment and environmental resources of Bangladesh. It is observed that these natural resources of our country are not properly utilized but it is often exploited due to over population, unwise use of natural resources etc. To cope with these problems, some important legal foundations such as the Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act, 1995 and its Rules, 1997 and the Environment Court, 2000, the Forest Act 1927 etc; have already been passed but these are became ineffective due to weak enforcement of laws and non-coordination and corruption and so on. We need to implement the research findings of this study for the benefit of the mankind.

MATERIAS: Implementation, Forest Law and Policy