• Stature from the vertebral column length. A tool for identification

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(Acquired master's degree in Forensic Medicine at MAHE (currently Manipal University). Currently working as Professor and Head of Forensic Medicine, Fr Muller Medical College, Mangalore. Editor of 'Journal of South India Medicolegal Association'. An editorial board member, reviewer, and author in many National and International journals.)


Identification of a person is a part of any criminal investigation. The sex, age, and stature of the bone give valuable information in establishing the identity of a person. In advanced decomposition, extensive burning, and mutilation of the body by wild animals or some criminal act, the peripheral parts of the body including limb bones may be destroyed. In such situation, the axial bones will be useful for measurement. The present work describes the methods of estimation of stature using various segments of the vertebral column in south Indian population.

MATERIAS: identification, spine, Forensic Anthropology, Stature, Crime investigation, Vertebral Column, South Indians