• State Immunity versus Human Rights. The Challange by Emerging Human Rights Norms to State Immunity

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Bahtiyar Mehmed is currently enrolled at the PhD program in Economics at Hunan University. He received his BA in International Relations from Eastern Mediterranean University and his MA in Global Governance and Social Theory from Jacobs University Bremen.)


Human Rights violations by states are one of the major focal points in recent international law studies, the notion is heavily debated and there are conflicting approaches over the interpretation of the respective doctrines. The book tries to shed light on human rights violations conducted by the state and its officials and the subsequent attempt of states to escape responsibility by appealing to international norms such as the state immunity norm. It reveals the imminent clash between Human Rights Conventions protecting the individual and the State Immunity norm protecting the state.

MATERIAS: State Immunity, Human rights violations, jus cogens, international law, hierarchical theory, peremptory norms, treaty law, territorial nexus, torture, immunity waiver