• Somali Piracy. Unsuccessful Governance and Definition Deficiency Bring About Practical Solutions

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Caroline Charlier is a LL.M graduate at Lund University Law School, and as well a LL.M graduate in International Human Rights Law at Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Lund (2011).)


“Somali Piracy- Unsuccessful Governance and Definition Deficiency Bring About Practical Solutions” is an effort to map and bring awareness to some of the root causes of the high piratical frequency around Somalia and some of the deterrent solutions that have been produced thereof. In order to understand the issue and the progression of the legal framework and other piracy deterrent measures one needs to understand the magnitude of the threat piracy possesses to international shipping and the global economy. One also needs to understand the social and the political issues within and outside Somalia when analyzing the problem. By presenting materials of present piracy activities, the existing legal framework and by explaining the dilemmas in defining and applying Piracy and other Maritime criminal acts, and also by giving examples on the practical solutions resulting from the definition discrepancy and rule of law- insufficiency the book will give the reader a broad understanding of the issue.

MATERIAS: piracy, Law, suatainability, UNCLOS, 2005 Protocol, Resolution 1950