• Social Housing in Aruba. Transforming the social housing sector in Aruba, to make it feasible and sustainable for the future

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Jennifer Boekhoudt is a Junior Strategy, Marketing and Policy Advisor for a housing association in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She obtained her Master of Science degree in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences from Delft University of Technology in 2010. Jennifer has specialized in the field of Real Estate and Housing.)


Aruba has achieved remarkable economic and social development over the past two decades. The population growth and the subsequent increase in demand for housing of the people in the lower income brackets place a huge strain on the local housing association in the social rented sector. For the housing association it is challenging to access adequate and suitable housing finance in order to build social housing. The current housing finance system needs to be transformed in order to continue to build social housing in the future. This book will provide a closer look at the housing market and the social housing system of Aruba. Housing finance systems used throughout the world will serve as inspiration to address the problem within the context of Aruba. A mix of strategies for the transformation will be presented based on their effectiveness, efficiency and support of the actors involved. The analysis should help actors to better understand the challenges and each other. This book should be especially useful to professionals and actors involved in the social housing market in Aruba or any other island within the Dutch Kingdom or anyone interested in this subject.

MATERIAS: Housing, Social Housing, housing financing, housing finance systems, Aruba, Housing Association