• Silver lining for Workers in Building and Other Construction Industry. A Study on the Welfare Schemes/Amenities provisions

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(Inspired by my father's selfless public service, I was always waiting for an opportunity to be of use to the society. With an Engineering degree and Management skills of post graduation, my Masters' level project (2010-11) triggered the start of my service, exposing the addressable grievances of one section of the working class in the society.)


Building and Construction industry being recognized as the unorganised sector, has vast labour intensity and economic activity after agriculture in India. Though work is temporary and casual natured with lack of basic amenities and inadequate welfare facilities in it, the industry generates demand for both skilled and semi-skilled labour force. The workers face inherent risk to life/vital body parts due to occupational hazards. With an objective of providing adequate working conditions and welfare amenities, the Government of India enacted the legislation namely, Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of employment and conditions of services) Act, 1996. Complacent to the legislation, the Karnataka State Government has framed Rules, constituted Building and Other Construction Workers’ Board and planned and promoted the welfare schemes during the year 2006. But yet, the workers are being deprived of the benefits of the Welfare Scheme. The need for the study has been to ascertain the awareness of the welfare scheme, extent of implementation and identify areas of hurdles in implementation, and righteously generate 'Silver Lining' in every workers life.

MATERIAS: Construction workers, welfare schemes, success/failure of schemes, implementation hurdles, Migrant workers, discrimination