• Silence over the Crime of Crimes. When will Banyamulenge Victims of Gatumba Tragedy Stop Crying for Justice?

Lambert Academic Publishing
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The poison of genocide kills the souls of the perpetrators and sears the heart of survivors. This book is not intended to be a history of Banyamulenge, but rather, it is a voice which sounds the legal perception of the facts committed against Banyamulenge refugees at Gatumba. It is a shame for the whole international community to leave such crimes which fall into the ambit of jus cogens not prosecuted. It is a duty of the whole international community to break off this silence over the crime of crimes. If not,what will be the destiny of entire humanity’s life whether the fundamental human rights and values are overridden without any shadow of justice? It is important to bear in mind that attempt at trying to trivial the death of innocent people is indirectly trying to deny your own meaning of existence. Moreover, this book suggests possible legal alternatives under which all persons responsible for the crimes may be sentenced. Although many people have heard of the Gatumba tragedy, this book will bring about to you the legal and historical point of view the atrocities fell to the Banyamulenge refugees in the night of 13-14 August 2004 in Burundi/Gatumba.

MATERIAS: Banyamulenge history, qualification of the crimes committed against Banyamulenge refugees, War crimes, cromes against humanity, prosecution of the perpetrators of banyamulenge refugees massacres