• Selected papers on the new Kosovo Law on Obligation Relationships

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(Prof. Dr. Nerxhivane Dauti graduated from the Law School of the University of Pristina in 1982. She got her master degree and PhD from the same University. Prof. Dr. Dauti has exercised many important functions, the most important one being her role as the member of the Kosovo Assembly from 2001-2010. She is also lecturing the Law on Obligations.)


This book contains selected papers written by Prof.Dr. Nerxhivane Dauti on selected topics related to obligation relationships. The papers address specific issues governed by the new Law on Obligation Relationships of the Republic of Kosovo, which entered into force on 1 January, 2013. One of the papers also highlight the need to reform the law on obligations, its content and main principles and the novelties that were introduced.

MATERIAS: Law, Obligations, contract law, actio Pauliana