• Security of Employment in the Public Service in Botswana. A study of Public Service Law and Ethics

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(Dr Kholisani Solo is a Senior Law Lecturer at the University of Botswana, Department of Law. He has a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Botswana, Master of Laws degree from the University College London, Master of Arts Degree from University of Kassel/Berlin School of Economics and a Doctorate from the University of Cape Town.)


The main concern of this study is the law relating to the public servant in Botswana. It assesses the efficacy of both statutory legislation and common law principles in promoting tenure for public servants. The employment relationship between the servant and the state is considered starting from his/her entry into the service. Some "public" servants like the Attorney-General, Auditor- General, judges and magistrates have protected tenure. This tenure is constitutionally guaranteed. The Supervisor of Elections who has now been superseded by th Independent Electoral commission also had such tenure, which was passed on to the Secretary to the Commission and the other members. The processes that follow appointment into the public are considered. The processes are probation, promotion, suspension, discipline and dismissal. There are also other factors, which come into play once a public servant has been appointed. These factors include conventions and traditions and traditions governing his/her position as a public servant. In this regard, the study discusses the principle of political neutrality, permanency, anonymity, accountability and autonomy.

MATERIAS: Public Service, Employment Law