• Right to Information Act-2009 in Bangladesh: An Analysis. Supply & demand side consideration for effective implementation

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Mobassera Kadery obtained M.S.S.degree in International Relations from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.She also obtained M.A in Governance and Development in BRAC university.She is now working as a senior information officer under PID,Ministry of Information,people's Republic of Bangladesh.She was also an editor of different Govt.Publications.)


Right to Information Act allow individuals and groups to understand the policies and actions of the government as an indicator of the growing recognition of the importance of the citizen’s access to information as a catalyst for strengthening democracy, promoting human rights and good governance. In my book I will try to analyze and investigate the demand side and the supply side of the Act for its effective implementation. I will analyze the Act itself in-depth, the driving force behind the emergence, International Principles on RTI and how far the legislation comply with that? A comparative study between U.S.India and Bangladesh will be made to find out the loopholes of the Act and at the same time to get some lesson for effective implementation, by giving a special focus on the commonalities & differences.My book will help to understand and assess the readiness of the Government and how far the people are aware of this Act? Ultimately by facilitating the process of effective implementation, my book will in some ways help to promote good governance in Bangladesh and other developing countries through ensuring transparency & accountability and people’s access in administration.

MATERIAS: Transparency, Accountability, Good Governance, Article 19, Citizen Chartter