• Right to Health in Zambia. Enjoyment of the Right to Health by Persons Living openly with HIV/AIDS in Zambia

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(Daniel S. Libati, LLB: Studied Law at the University of Zambia. Project Officer, Zambia Civic Education Association (ZCEA), Lusaka, Zambia.)


This work delved into the extent to which persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV) can be said to be enjoying the ‘four (4) Access' (4As) element of the right to health in Zambia. In conducting this work two questions were sought to be answered; (a) to what extent does the right to health exist in Zambia? And (b) to what extent does a PLWHIV enjoy the 4As element of the right to health in Zambia? In the end, this work came to a number of conclusions such as, (i) under International Human Rights Law, the right to health contains the following interrelated and essential elements, the precise application of which depends on the conditions prevailing in a particular State: (a)Availability, (b) Accessibility, (c) Acceptability, and (d) Quality otherwise referred to as Appropriateness, (ii) international instruments that although ratified and assented to by Zambia cannot be applied unless they are domesticated, and (iii)the Constitution provides for the right to health, or at least something related to that right as a non justiciable right, otherwise known as a Directive Principle of State Policy.

MATERIAS: Rights, health, persons, living, HIV, aids, Zambia