• Rethinking Non-Discrimination In Finland. Immigrants and police relations in Finland

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Egharevba S., ( PhD) is a criminologist, who has interest in international criminal justice system, anti-discrimination law and minority rights with special emphasis on policing)


War, persecution and repression are major sources of conflicts leading to international migration in the globlised world. Furthermore, social scientists have been scholarly interested in exploring the issues of racial discrimination and prejudice in immigrants' and police relations across the globe. Moreover, police and immigrants' interaction in many countries are facing challenges, as immigrants with different culture, norms and values come into contact with the police in various circumstances either as victims, suspects or witnesses. The present research explore the consequences of discrimination, prejudice and racism among police in their interactions with immigrants in Finland. In sum, Finland has not historically been known as an immigrants' country. The site of the research was the city of Turku, the second largest immigrants place of residents' in the country. This research provides a multifaceted processes of immigrants' and police relations in the country.

MATERIAS: Immigration, Police, racial discrimination and welfare state, Perception