• Responding Terrorism Under Human Rights Law Regime. War against Terrorism, whether to degrade violence against the Human race or to elevate it !

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(Md. Asif Huda has passed LL.B. and LL.M. and now performing as a Lecturer. Instead of practicing, he wishes to be an academician. His vision is to enlighten the society with the relevant legal concepts. His will is to publish more books to unveil the social phenomenon with respect to law.)


“Terrorism” becomes the number one concern for the world today. The necessity of fighting this heinous crime needs no invitation. But not by compromising the principles and norms of the human rights law because any derogation of such norms may result give rise to an irreversible result. After the incident of 9/11 how derogation of human rights in different countries increased and what are the consequences of such derogation. There are many misconceptions regarding different terms and norm in the international Human rights arena like; “armed conflict”; “self defence” and “self determination” which shows that invasion on other countries on plea of such terms are not valid though we can see that other countries are taking advantage of the current situation.

MATERIAS: Terrorism, Human Right, armed conflict, Counter-terrorism, self defence, self determination