• Rape as Machination of Genocide. Analysis of Case Law of the ICTY, ICTR and ICC

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Mr. Awet Hailezgi Tefera completed his LL.B studies in Mekelle University, Ethiopia and got his LL.M in International & EU Public Laws from Erasmus University, the Netherlands. Currently he is involved in researches and publications and working as a lecturer of law in Mekelle University law school,Ethiopia.)


Mass rapes have been committed against people particularly women, in many areas in the world, both in times of war and peace.Yet,rape is not explicitly subsumed under the category of the prohibited acts of the crime of genocide under the Genocide Convention. This lack of explicit reference creates uncertainty as to treating rape as a potential conduct of genocide. However,this book thoroughly illustrates how rape can be used as a means to commit genocide!

MATERIA: Rape as Genocide