• Public State power: experience of methodological analysis

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Romanchuk Ivan Sergeevich, PhD in Laws, associate professor of Tyumen State University. Research interests: power and its nature, ways of limitation of authority abuse, characteristic features of system of power relations.)


In spite of being thoroughly studied and closely monitored by many scholars, public state power still remains one of the least determined phenomena of the constitutional law. Due to that reason, it is necessary to construct a specific methodological model of examination of state power and system of power relations.The monograph covers general and specific problems of power and system of power relations. A special epistemological base for examination power in general and state power in particular which has never been applied before, is formed in this work. The base includes unique methodological tools. A definition of power has been worked out and its nature is described in various layers of public relations. Critical analysis of ontology of public administering in state legal functioning of modern states is conducted. Special methods and ways of limitation of abuse of power are investigated. An idealistic paradigm of public state power of modern states is constructed. Besides, the author highlighted many other issues connected with authority.Aimed at: scholars, postgraduates, students of law faculties, philosophy and other faculties, аs well as circle of readers taking inte

MATERIAS: Methodological examination of public state power, its nature, ways of limitation of power abuse and idealistic model of public state authority