• Public Policy Implementation. A Case Study Of Reproductive Health Service Delivery At Local Level In Nepal

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Narendra Raj Paudel is lecturer at the Central Department of Public Administration, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. His research interests include public policy implementation, development administration, gender and health governance. He authored one dozen articles in National Journals and four articles in edited book published from abroad.)


This book is author’s research work of Ph.D. This book provides a comprehensive and theoretical understanding on reproductive policy implementation at grass-roots of Nepal. It reviews the theoretical understanding of public policy implementation and made efforts to what extent reproductive health policy was implemented at local level namely Bangsing Village Development Committee (BVDC) and Lalitpur Sub-metropolitant City (LSMC). The study revealed that the reproductive health policy implementation was weaker in BVDC than LSMC. The outlined reasons were poor health policy design, weak implementation of decentralization scheme, unfavourable socio-administrative culture, uninstitutionalized health service delivery institutions, lack of required front-line health workers and insufficient financial resources. So far as it concerned with the policy implication, bottom-up approach seems more appropriate for policy implementation due to its grass-root attachment in the context of Nepal. There seems an urgent need to incorporate socio-cultural factors in policy decisions so that reproductive health policy can be implemented effectively

MATERIAS: Nepal, Public Policy Implementation, Reproductive Health Policy, Reproductive Health Service Delivery, Local Level