• Protecting Moral Rights Under Copyright Law. The Stride Forward

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(POKU ADUSEI is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Ghana. He holds an LLB Degree and a Barrister''s Cert. He was admitted to the Ghana Bar in 2003. He was awarded the 2003 McDermid Scholarship for academic excellence by the University of Alberta Canada, where he earned his LLM Degree. He is completing Doctorate in Law at McGill, Canada.)


This book advocates a better approach to protecting moral rights under copyright law. It establishes that the concept of moral rights protection is comparatively held in low esteem, especially in the common law world. To make matters worse, the internet has brought with it unprecedented threats to this already obscure aspect of copyright law. Attempts to find answers to those threats have also created more problems than solutions. In suggesting the way out of the quagmires that confront moral rights protection; first, the book contends that the moral rights of authors should be protected as fundamental human rights of authors in order to ensure respect for creative endeavours. Secondly, the nature of the internet necessitates the adoption of international copyright principles to tackle problems confronting moral rights protection and enforcement. This can provide few answers to some of the numerous questions.

MATERIAS: Moral Rights, Copyright Law, The Internet, Human rights