• Property Rights of Women - An Appraisal of Hindu Succession Act, 1956. This work deals with the working of Hindu Succession Act, 1956 and its effectiv

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(I done LL.B. and LL.M from Punjab University Chandigarh and cleared UGC(N.E.T.) examination. I have done Ph.d from Guru Nanak Dev University,Amritsar.Presently,I'm working as Senior Assistant Professor at Guru Nanak Dev University Regional Campus,Gurdaspur. My specialization is on Personal Laws and the present work is also about this field.)


The book deals with proprietary rights of women provided under Hindu succession Act, 1956. This is one of the most controversial aspects because property rights are given to the women but due to certain pre-determined social norms the women fails to exercise their rights. No doubt, to further strengthen the proprietary position, Hindu Succession Act, 1956 was amended in 2005. The amendment tries to plug the loopholes existed in 1956, but the questions remains that whether the women would exercise those rights which were provided to them under this Amended Act? In this work an effort was made to study the effect of Hindu Succession Act, 1956(along with Amendment Act, 2005)on the proprietary rights of women, the loopholes which still existed in the Act and finally suggestions were made to make it more effective. some excerpts of the work has also been referred by Karnatka High Court while deciding the property matters concerning woman.

MATERIAS: Succession, laws