• Property Crime and the Criminal Process in Lusaka Magistrate's Courts. Offending methods, offender profiles and offender interaction with the police a

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(Kalombo Mwansa is senior lecturer and Dean, Law School, Zambian Open University.He studied law and criminology at University of Zambia, UNZA, Harvard, Cambridge and London. He taught at UNZA, and served as senior civil servant and as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs, Mines and Defence in Zambia.)


Property Crime and the Criminal Process in Lusaka Magistrate's Courts is a detailed examination of the most prevalent crime in contemporary Zambia within the context of social and economic circumstances surrounding the offender, offender/police encounter and judicial response. It also examines the role of consumers of criminal justice in the criminal process and crime prevention. It further deals with the subject in the context of traditional methods of dispute settlement and traces the development of criminal justice institutions in Zambia. The book should appeal to multiple audiences: criminology, sociology and law students, criminal justice practitioners, law enforcement personnel,sentencers and policy makers.

MATERIA: criminology

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