• Promotion and Protection of FDI. Promotion and Protection of Foreign Direct Investment in Ethiopia

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(Tadesse Gebrewahid is an Ethiopian who has several work experiences in different fields. He has served as a teacher for six years, public prosecutor for two years, high court judge for five years, deputy bureau head for three years and now he is the legal adviser of the president of the Tigray regional state.He holds LLB and LLM degree.)


Nowadays, the notion of sustainable development and reduction of poverty have become some of the most popular concepts. Foreign direct investment is also deemed a necessary instrument of development in developing and/or least developed countries such as Ethiopia. As a general matter of fact foreign direct investment is, currently, welcomed by every country of the world. However, the degree and extent may differ in practice. It is a common knowledge that foreign investors look for countries which promote and protect FDI. They always look for political and economic stability, the existence of laws and regulationns conducive for FDI and their non-discriminatory implementation and enforcement.

MATERIAS: promotions., protection, FDI in Ethiopia