• Poverty Reduction in the light of Human Rights Law. Legal Framework and Development Issues

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(Advocate Nishat Farjana (born December 31, 1988), Officer Investigation at BRAC, an famous iNGO of Bangladesh, a young and successful personality in Law profession. Nishat has earned Masters of Law from the University of Dhaka on 2012 and stood First Class academic results. Nishat has an extensive knowledge in International Human Rights Law.)


This book mainly focused the real poverty which is exist in Bangladesh & try to establish the link between the true concepts of poverty with the connection of Human rights. There are various dimensions to address this issue. I derived my approach and draw my attention in poverty reduction strategy. This is based upon the issues of poverty reduction in Bangladesh. In our country as well as in the whole world poverty is a national crisis. To address this kind of national crisis strategic plan is best way to find out the solution. To highlight this national crisis this book divide the reduction policy in to two segments just like which is stated in our National strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction Policy in Bangladesh. Strategic Block and supporting Strategic block which is guided to reduce poverty reduction. This book try to give some recommendation for further improvement of poverty reduction in Bangladesh in lieu of legal framework & development issues in view of International Human Rights law.

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