• Philosophical Legal Ethics Morals And Jurisprudence Of Law & Morality. Philosophical legal ethics morals and Jurisprudence of Law

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(Presently working as Professor of Law and Director School of Law, in the FIMT, New Delhi. Having 27 years of teaching experience in Law colleges and Universities in India, Ethiopia & Tanzania. Published a book on the title of Impact of Trade Union Act,1926 on Trade Unions. Published 18 Articles in different National and International Journals.)


This book contains how to write thesis on the subject of Jurisprudence and Law. The selected philosophies of great Jurists of the past and present and their thoughts connected to the Ethics and Morals etc explained. This book is also concentrated about different legal thoughts of the present. The purpose of Law and aspects of justice also narrated in brief. The development of Law from the sources of customs and morals are also explained in this book.

MATERIA: Book on the subject of Legal Philosophy of Jurisprudence and Law