• Perpetration and Victimization of Dating Violence. A Cross-cultural study of Dating Violence in the U.S. and Korea

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(MiRang is an associate research fellow of Korean Institute of Criminology in South Korea. She received her Ph.D. in Criminology at the University of Florida. Her reseasrch interests include interpersonal violence, sentencing and disparity in criminal justice and quantitative research method.)


This research promises new understanding of the varing effects of globalization and culture issue on violence and courtship relationships. She conducted within-country and cross-cultural comparison of risk and protective factors in violent behavior and victimizations of young adult males and females occurring in dating violence and courtship reltionships. The theoretical issue she investigated is what variables account for or predict variantions across individuals in this form of violence. If we acknowlege that the most of criminological theories were developed in western society, this cross-cultural study will be a chance to examine the generalization of the criminological theory using the similar sample of eastern society. Also, this research will explain the overlapping of perpetration and victimization of dating violence from the pattern to its criminological theory.

MATERIAS: Dating Violence, criminological theory