• Perceived Risk of Victimization and Fear of Crime. Fear of Crime among University Students in Ankara, Turkey

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(He was born in Mersin, Turkey in 1976. He recieved master degree at the Institue of Security Sciences at Turkish National Police Academy in 2005. He graduated and recieved the doctorate degree at the department of sociology at Middle East Technical University. He has publications and works in criminology, representations of violence in media.)


This study aims to examine the relationship between perceived risk of victimization and fear of crime. Studies about fear of crime mainly focus on gender differences, social inequalities and physical incivilities. All of this factor are important element to grasp its nature and dimensions of fear of crime. In addition to this factors fear of crime is affected by individuals risk perception of victimization. The study aims to deal fear of crime concept among students in a multidimensional approach. In this respect,it will evaluate how much the students are afraid of and uncomfortable with being exposed to crime.

MATERIAS: victimization, university students, Fear of Crime, Perceived Risk of Victimization