• Patenting Human Genetic Material. An Analysis of Western & Islamic Jurisprudence

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Dr. Shah Nawaz Memon is qualified lawyer in two jurisdictions, a Solicitor of Supreme Court of England & Wales and Advocate High Court of Pakistan. He has also worked as Civil Judge & Judicial Magistrate in Karachi, Pakistan. He has completed LLM in Commercial Law and PhD in IP Law from University of Glasgow, UK.)


Genetic science including human stem cells promises cure of incurable diseases using our genes such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons diseases etc. This books examines moral issues that form the backdrop of the issue of patenting human genetic material. There are several moral objections that are raised on the issue, such as: (a) is patenting human genetic material a patenting of human life? (b) is it contrary to morality to remove stem cells from human embryos? (c) is patenting human genetic material commodification of human life; consequently a revival of slave era? (d) is patenting human genetic material hinders further research, which is against our basic values? Accordingly, this book examines moral issues comparatively from Western & Islamic perspective. This is a unique work of its kind that is useful for lawyers who are practicing on IP law; for pharmaceutical companies that are conducting research on genetic material and for Muslim countries as Islamic perspective is more liberal than Western to allow research on genetic material including stem cells and to welcome scientists from around the world to establish their laboratories in Muslim countries.

MATERIAS: Patents, Intellectual Property Rights, Moral issues, Human Genetic Material