• Patent Law and Biotechnological Inventions. Reconciling Proprietary Right with Global Concern for Food Security, Public Health and Environment

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Dr.Vijay K.Himanshu; Awarded PhD. degree from University of Delhi;Assistant Professor, Law Centre-1,Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, India. Area of Specialisation Intellectual Property (IPR) in Patent Law with interdisciplinary approach.)


This book is an attempt to understand the full import of patenting the processes and products arising out of genetic modification of micro-organisms, plants, animals and human beings. It examines the effect of the grant of monopoly right in the form of patent, on preserving the agro-biodiversity, protection of flora, fauna and micro-organism having medicinal value and prevention of harmful effect of living modified organism (LMO). All of this has a direct bearing on Food Security, Public Health and Environment. The work further discusses the scope of patentability of biotechnological inventions in the light of prevailing regulations at the international, regional and national level. It makes a comparative analysis of laws of the countries having well established precedent in patenting life form, such as United States, European nations and extent of their adaptability in India. This Book will be helpful to person and institution involved in research of life form and who requires protection of the fruits of their biotechnological inventions. It is also a practical guide to legal expert, social activist and policymaker interested in Food Security, Public Health and Environment.

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