• Parental Obligations And Rights Under the Child's Rights Act. A Shari'ah Perspective

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Juwayriyya Badamasuiy,LLB,BL(Nigerian Law School),LLM,PhD,Faculty Member, Hall Adviser,University Senate Member, Former Head, Private & Commercial Law Department, Bayero University, Kano Nigeria, Director, IIIT, Nigeria Office.)


Children play vital role in the development of every society. Neglect of their rights affect the society's positive growth. As vulnerable members of the society whose fundamental human rights and freedom are susceptible to deprivation, violation and abuses, Nigerian National Assembly in 2003 passed into law the Child's Rights Act in order to protect them from abuses and to foster the implementation of their rights. Muslims were among the the Nigerian populace that reacted to the Act. Mainstream Muslims are of the view that the Act tend to undermine the Islamic Law provisions on parent-child relationship. This book is a critical assessment of the rights of children from their parents and vice-versa as contained in the Act, but from the perspective of Islamic law. The book provides a guide on the role of parents in the implementation of the rights of their children; an area that is neglected in the existing literature. It is a valuable material for students and teachers of law, lawyers, human rights activists, policy makers and researchers on children's rights.

MATERIAS: Parents, children, Human rights, Muslim, Nigeria, Shari'ah, Child's Rights Act