• Open Source For Engineers-1. Getting started Guide

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(I love to work on open source technologies. I have worked on Image Processing and several open source hardware. My area of interest includes Human Computer Interaction,OpenCV,Python,HTML5 and other open source technologies. In my free time I write motivation and inspirational thoughts which can be found at http://shahsamarth.wordpress.com)


Open Source environment is gaining momentum. One of the latest example is contribution of Microsoft has increased over the past few years. Recent example is they provide support for Ubuntu in their cloud infrastructure Azure.Open Source has great community in all fields including Image Processing , Human Computer Interaction , Open Source Hardware and Cloud.For students it is a great learning tool and for businessmen they can get their job done at no cost or at low cost compared with tools they are using today.This book is designed to help newbie engineer to get started with open source culture. Future edition of this book will include in depth guide to engineering software introduced in this edition as well as cover exciting topic like "Open Source for your daily business".

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