• On the Relationships between the Political and Managerial Levels. Italian Public Administration Reform

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(Marino ( family name) Calogero Ubaldo ( first name)I am a PhD doctor in “Model Based Public Planning, Policy Design, and Management ” in the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Palermo, Sicily/Italy.)


This work deals with the relationship between the political and managerial levels in the light of legislative reforms introduced during the last decade in the Italian public administration. Firstly this work was developed trough a juridical analysis aimed to verify if the discipline introduced by the reform is able to realize its goals.Secondly the analysis was enforced by using system dynamics methodology in order to evaluate if and to what extent the discipline has been able to ensure a greater autonomy to public manager.In the opening side the work analyzes the general reform process of European public administrations inspired by New Public Management principles and then it deals with the effects produced by the reform on the Italian public administration, focusing, in particular, on the relationship between the political and managerial levels.The contribution that this work aims to provide to the scientific debate in this topic is to outline the inadequacy of the discipline introduced by the reform and to suggest hypothesis of legislative innovation in order to ensure an effective autonomy to public manager .

MATERIAS: public administations reform, relantionship betwween politicians an public managers, evaluation system of public managers, New Public Management

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