• NIGER DELTA AND THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY. A Critique of the Impacts and Human Right Implications of the Oil and Gas Industry in the Niger-Delta

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Ibenaku Onoh studied law at the Brunel University of London and graduated in 2009 with an LLB.He then proceeded to the School of Oriental and African Studies London where he obtained an LLM in Environmental Law in 2010. He is currently with the UOL(london School of Economics and political science) where he is studying international relations.)


For several decades, Nigeria has witnessed a remarkable increase in its economy and revenue.The reason for this increase is attributable to the massive wealth which the country derives from the sale of oil and gas products. The importance of the oil and gas industry to Nigeria''s economy can never be over-emphasised as the revenue derived from the industry remains useful across various sectors of the country. However, behind this glossy facade of socio-economic benefits and development, the oil and gas industry has posed a major epidemic in Nigeria especially in the host communities where the actual processes of oil exploration and production occur. Despite the contribution of the oil rich communities to the overall development of Nigeria, they have continuously been faced with under-development and various forms of human right abuses. Against this background, this book will discuss the overall harmful impacts of the oil and gas industry in Niger Delta. Focusing on the human right aspects it will discuss the various areas of human rights which are continuously impeded on as a result of the unregulated operation of the oil and gas industry in the Niger Delta.

MATERIA: The human right impacts of the oil and gas industry in Niger delta